TamilNadu Tourist Places To visit

Tamil Nadu is a region in southern India known for its temples, its past, and its rich culture. And it managed to preserve its traditions without being too affected by influences from other countries.

This region is located right next to the state of Kerala, one of the most beautiful areas in India. The capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai, formerly known as Madras.

Things to see in TamilNadu Tourist Places:

1. Chennai:-

City lit up at night, chennai,City lit up at night, chennai,
City lit Up At Night, Chennai,

At a distance of 464 km from Chennai, 136 km from Trichy, 169 km from Thanjavur, 170 km from Rameswaram, 114 km from Kodaikanal and 209 km from Coimbatore, Madurai is the third-largest city in Tamilnadu and one of the most famous centers of pilgrimage to India and also the first heritage site in Tamil Nadu.

The city is well-known for the Madurai Meenakshi temple and among the places not to be missed in southern India’s tour packages. Located on the banks of the Vaigai River, Madurai is referred to as Eastern Athens and temple city. Madhurai is the oldest continuously inhabited city on the Indian peninsula, with a history dating back to the Sangam period of the pre-Christian era. It is considered the cultural capital of Tamilnadu.

2. Kanyakumari:-

Kanyakumari  Coastal Plains
Kanyakumari  Coastal Plains

At a distance of 707 km from Chennai, 85 km from Trivandrum, 22 km from Nagercoil, 242 km from Madurai, 375 km from Trichy, 82 km from Tirunelveli and 130 km from Tuticorin. Kanyakumari is a coastal city in Tamil Nadu. Located at the southern end of the Indian peninsula, it is also called Cape Comorin.

It is a famous pilgrimage site to visit as part of the Tamilnadu tour. Also one of the best places to visit in Tamilnadu. Kanyakumari has been a great center for art and religion for centuries. It was also an area of ​​great commerce and commerce. Cholas, Pandyas, and Nayaks ruled it. Subsequently, Kanyakumari came under the Venad dynasty rule, and its capital was located in Padmanabhapuram. Despite the problems encountered in the southern border of Venad, Marthanda Varma enlarged the kingdom northwards to Aluva.

3. Rameshwaram:-

Ramanathaswamy Temple In Rameshwaram
Ramanathaswamy Temple

At a distance of 562 km from Chennai, 227 km from Tirunelveli, 311 km Kanyakumari, 387 km from Pondicherry, 230 km from Trichy, 171 km from Madurai, 371 km from Trivandrum and 607 km from Bangalore. Rameshwaram is one of the most famous pilgrimage centers in southern India and a Jyotirlinga in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu.

Rameshwaram is also one of Tamil Nadu’s best tourist spots in Tamilnadu and one of the famous pilgrimage sites to visit as part of the South India tour packages. Rameshwaram temple is one of the most famous Shiva shrines in India. It is significant for the Hindus since a pilgrimage to Banaras is incomplete without a pilgrimage to Rameswaram. According to legend, Rameswaram is the place where Lord Rama built a bridge over the sea to save his consort, Sita, from Ravana.

4. Ooty:-

Tea Cultivation In The Valley in ooty one of the best TamilNadu Tourist Places
Tea cultivation In The Valley

The central city of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve – an area of 5,520 km2 rich in biodiversity, protected by Unesco, which crosses northwest Tamil Nadu towards Kerala and Karnataka -, the frenetic but historically captivating city of Ooty (Udhagamandalam; 2240 m) is the most popular hill station in Tamil Nadu. Like its Himalayan ‘sisters,’ it was founded in the early s. XIX, when Madras (today Chennai) was the capital of the Madras Presidency of British India. Ooty is also the springboard to explore the spectacular Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu, to the northwest.

The watery temples of Ooty, its lively bazaar, its chaotic center and its lake, full of pedal boats, give way to flower-filled British-style streets with splendid buildings from the Raj era such as the Nilgiri Library of Built-in red brick in 1867 and still active, and St Stephen’s Church, from 1829.

5. Hogenakkal:-

Hogenakkal Falls
Hogenakkal Falls

At a distance of 47 km from Dharmapuri, 88 km from Hosur, 85 km from Salem, 146 km from Bangalore, 345 km from Chennai, 180 km from Mysore, 114 km from Yercaud and 217 km from Coimbatore. Hogenakkal falls are a waterfall in the Kaveri (or Cauvery) river located in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu.

It is one of the main waterfalls near Bangalore and also one of the best waterfalls in India, sometimes referred to as the Niagara of India. Hogenakkal is also one of the best waterfalls and one of the beautiful tourist places to visit near Bangalore and Chennai.

6. Kumbakonam:-

Navagraha Temples In Kumbakonam
Navagraha Temples

At a distance of 35 km from Mayiladuthurai, 43 km from Thanjavur, 54 km from Karaikal, 65 km from Nagapattinam, 72 km from Chidambaram, 105 km from Trichy, 129 km from Pondicherry, 235 km from Madurai and 282 km from Chennai. Kumbakonam is one of the ancient temple cities located between the two rivers Cauvery and Arasalar, on the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. Kumbakonam is one of the best places to visit in Tamilnadu and among the popular places to visit near Chennai.

The name Kumbakonam in English means Pot’s Corner. In the previous days, it was called Thirukudamookku, and now it is also popularly called Kudanthai. According to history, Kumbakonam dates back to the Sangam period. It was ruled by the Early Cholas, Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Pandyas, King Vijayanagar, Madurai Nayaks, Thanjavur Nayaks, and Thanjavur Marathas.

7. Thanjavur:-

Brihadeeswara Temple In Thanjavur
Brihadeeswara Temple

At a distance of 56 km from Trichy, 112 km from Chidambaram, 86 km from Nagapattinam, 170 km from Madurai, 326 km from Chennai, Thanjavur, also known as Tanjore, is a headquarters of the city and district in the state of Tamil Nadu. Thanjavur is famous for the Brihadeeswarar Temple built by Rajaraja Chola in the year 1010 AD. Also known as the Great Temple. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India and also one of the popular places to experience Tamilnadu tourism.

It is located on the banks of the Cauvery River. Thanjavur has a rich historical heritage and is a place to visit in Thanjavur as part of the Tamilnadu tour. The city was once the stronghold of the historic Cholas. It was also the capital of the Cholas, Mutharayars, and Marathas when they were at the height of their power.

8. Kanchipuram:-

Kailasanathar Temple In Kanchipuram
Kailasanathar Temple

At a distance of 75 km from Chennai, 68 km from Vellore, 65 km from Mahabalipuram, 108 km from Tirupati, and 127 km from Pondicherry. Kanchipuram is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Tamil Nadu. It is one of the most popular weekend destinations from Chennai. One of the main places to visit in Tamilnadu. Kanchipuram has a rich history and is one of the oldest cities in India.

The temples of Kanchipuram are known for their grandeur and architecture. The architecture of Kanchi’s monuments was trendy with great sculptural works and a unique style. It became a reference point for South Indian architecture.

9. Mahabalipuram:-

Sculptures Of Nandi Bull Around Ancient Shore Temple In Mahabalipuram
Shore Temple

From the distance of 57 km from Chennai, 65 km from Kanchipuram, 96 km from Pondicherry, 420 km from Madurai, and 290 kilometers from Trichy. Mahabalipuram (also called Mamallapuram) is located in the Kanchipuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is famous for its coastal temples built in the 7th century. Mahabalipuram is one of the unmissable places to visit on the weekend from Chennai for a day trip.

This is also an important historical / heritage site in Tamil Nadu and one of the best places to experience Tamilnadu tourism. Mahabalipuram is one of the best places to include in Pondicherry tour packages. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the second capital of the Pallava kings of Kanchipuram. It is an ancient historic city.

10. Chidambaram:-

Thillai Nataraja Temple In Chidambaram
Thillai Nataraja Temple

At a distance of 217 km from Chennai, 189 km from Kanchipuram, 43 km Cuddalore, 66 km from Pondicherry, 43 km Mayiladuthurai, 85 km from Nagapattinam, 303 km from Madurai and 173 km from Trichy, Chidambaram is a pilgrimage town in the district of Cuddalore from Tamil Nadu. Famous for the Nataraja temple.

Chidambaram is one of the most famous shrines in southern India and also one of the famous Tamilnadu places to visit. Chidambaram is also known as Thillai

11. Tiruchirapalli:-

Ranganathaswamy Temple In Tiruchirapalli
Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple

At a distance of 334 km from Chennai, 133 km from Madurai, 57 km from Thanjavur and 212 km from Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli, also called Tiruchi or Trichy. It is the fourth largest city and the administrative seat of the Tiruchirappalli district in Tamilnadu. Located on the banks of the Cauvery River, Trichy is one of Tamilnadu’s famous tourist spots. The history of Tiruchirappalli began in the third century BC when it was under the domination of the Cholas.

It was a stronghold of the early Cholas who later fell to the Pallavas. But the Pallavas never really managed to maintain control of this strategic city and lost it several times against the Pandyas. Trichy continued to be in Cholas’ possession until the decline of the empire, after which it became a stronghold of the Vijayanagara. Trichy came under the dominion of Nayaks of Madurai after the collapse of Vijayanagara.

12. Kodaikanal:-

Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal One Of The Best TamilNadu Tourist Places
Pillar Rocks

At a distance of 95 km from Dindigul, 117 km from Madurai, 169 km from Coimbatore, 469 km from Bangalore, 272 km from Kochi, 162 km from Munnar, 253 km from Ooty and 528 km from Chennai, Kodaikanal, also referred to as Kodai is a beautiful hill station in the Dindigul district of Tamilnadu. It is one of the best hill stations not to be missed in southern India and among the best places to experience Tamilnadu tourism.

Often referred to as the “Princess of Hill station,” Kodai is one of the popular places to visit in the summer as part of your honeymoon. It is located at an altitude of approximately 7000 feet (2133 m) on the southern tip of the high Palani hills. It has several scenic natural attractions which are appreciated by its visitors and make it a popular romantic destination.

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