Top 35 Best Places To Visit In India

Ah, it is so difficult to choose! What are the places to visit in India? A lot of the time, it’s about personal preferences. However, some places to visit in India are perennially more popular than others. These destinations all capture the diverse charm of India.

Want to know more about the goals of India? Check out this guide to top India tourist spots by region. Determining which sites to visit in India is not an easy task, especially when the enormous Asian country has so many contrasts and scenarios that it is almost impossible to name them all. Still, we have tried to be as selective as possible, and we have made this special with those 35 essential places to see in India at least once in your life.

List Of Best Places to visit in India

1. Old Delhi:-

Red Fort

Most first time travelers to India from land usually in the capital city of Delhi, India. Delhi characteristic exciting attractions mosques, forts, and monuments of Mughal rulers who once occupied the city. Many of these are located in beautiful gardens that are perfect for relaxing. And the crumbling old town of Old Delhi is a fascinating, albeit chaotic, place to explore.

Designated as the walled city of Delhi to contain the displaced Mughal empire from Agra, Old Delhi becomes the heart of the Indian capital thanks to its history and dynamism. With Chandni Chowk, the city’s vast market, giving away scents and colors, Old Delhi relies on monuments like the Red Fort or the Jama Masjid Mosque to remind us of the history of India in one neighborhood: from the Mughal forts and palaces to the Victorian houses established during the British Raj.

2. Taj Mahal:-

Taj Mahal Best Places To Visit In India

A part of India’s famous golden triangle tourist circuit, Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, one of the best places to visit in India. It is the most iconic monument in India and the main historical attraction in India. The city of Agra owes much of its fame to what is one of the most glorious monuments in the world: the Taj Mahal. Worthy of a Thousand and One Nights story, the famous mausoleum located by the Yamuna River is born from one of those love stories that epic travelers love so much.

It was in 1632 when the death of his wife Mumtaz Mahal led Prince Sha Jahan to order the construction of the ideal place to house the grave of his beloved. More than four centuries later, the Taj Mahal continues to be the idealized destination for those who dream of traveling to that tragic and exotic India.

3. Golden Temple:-

Golden Temple

The Sikh religion is one of the most followed in India, with the city of Amritsar is chosen for the construction of its famous Golden Temple. With four entrances that symbolize Sikh openness to other religions, and in the middle of a lake that represents purity, this dream temple built in the 16th century reflects the mirage of an open India where all people, whatever their sex, religion or sexual orientation can find their place in the world.

4. Jaipur:-

Hawa Mahal   Best Places To Visit In India

When a city has been build using sandstone typical of the area, each of its corners is worth discovering. Jaipur is a place like the Palace of the Winds or especially the Amber Fort, whose collection of mirrors is confirming the charm that we came to look for in one of the members of the Golden Triangle. The Pink City of India not only stays in the color of flamenco, being one of the most psychedelics in the country: from its markets to its tattooed mantra elephants,

5. Jaisalmer:-


If Jaipur is pink and Jodhpur is the picturesque Blue City of India, Jaisalmer is known as the Golden City by adopting the shades of the desert making it one of the most beautiful places in the state of Rajasthan. In addition to its palaces and temples, Jaisalmer stands out for the presence of the Havelis, typical mansions of Rajasthan, its enormous fortress or the chattris, desert pavilions that dot the nearby lake of Amar Sagar.

6. Varanasi:-


The spiritual heart of India is a city dominated by the sunset and the whispers of the Ganges River, the holiest in the entire country. A place that marks the borders between life and death, fantasy, and reality through the essential steps known as «ghats», where pilgrims and locals lookout to bathe in the waters that bring them a blessing, fortune, and more positive future lives.

7. Udaipur:-


Known as Venice of the North, Udaipur is one of the most glorious cities in Rajasthan thanks to its vast palaces and blue lakes. One of the best examples is the City Palace, the largest castle in the state and whose exquisite decoration contrasts with the tranquillity of the Pichola lake that overlooks. If you are also looking to stay in Udaipur, the lake itself is home to another of the city’s great attractions: the Taj Lake Palace hotel.

8. Khajuraho Temple:-

Khajuraho Temple

The Kamasutra emerged in India in the 3rd century AD. as a way to consolidate sexual relations through a series of explanations and illustrations that would inspire the sculptures of the temples of Khajuraho, the most significant monumental complex in all of India. Built around 950 AD Currently, 25 of the 80 total temples ordered to be made by the Chandella dynasty and designated a Unesco heritage in 1986 have survived.

9. Ranthambore:-


One of the dreams of every traveler in Indian lands is to be able to spot the Bengal tiger in front of him. One of the most beautiful and powerful images of nature is reproduced in many of the national parks of India, being the Ranthambore, in Rajasthan, the one with the highest density of these orange cats.

10. Mumbai:-


If Delhi represents the history of India, Mumbai evokes the modernity of a nation where massive bridges, skyscrapers, and nightlife take over this city open to the Indian Ocean. From a walk on Marine Drive to a visit to the Bollywood neighborhood, passing through its extensive parks and gardens, Mumbai is a vibrant sample of that more contemporary and dynamic India.

11. Ellora:-


In the Maharashtra state, the English found more than just land to build their clubs and golf courses: temples carved out of the cave and adorned with cave paintings. Ajanta and Ellora become the best showcase of some Indian religions that found among the rocks the best way to shape their faith in the form of sanctuaries and columns drawn from the depths of the mountains.

12. Goa:-


Visiting Goa is something like a cocktail in the middle of a journey through the desert; a lung of breeze, water, and color where you can rest from the dynamism of bazaars and big cities. The smallest state in India was one of the first to be discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century, resulting in a jungle of coconut palms to which colonial hermitages embrace. A tropical paradise where the Indian version of “bacalao” is served in restaurants overlooking its beaches and sunsets. One of the best places to visit in India.

13. Hampi:-


Karnataka is one of the high states in India for many reasons. In this place, whose name means “high land,” we find everything from cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore to more majestic ones like Mysore, also known as the City of Palaces. However, the scene that attracts the most looks dates from many, many years. Dotting the plains, the city of Hampi encompasses up to 350 temples spread over 26 square kilometers whose shapes and figures conquered the explorers and travelers who crossed this city of kings and splendor.

14. Kerela:-


In South India, Kerala, one of the best places to visit in India, there is a place where beaches, lakes, rivers, and canals coexist among palm trees and colonial houses. Among its coconut palms, the locals’ perch, India seems to flow slower, and old rice boats lock up exotic top-of-the-range hotels.

15. Meenakshi Temple:-

Meenakshi Temple

The cultural epicenter of the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern India, is formed by the temples of the city of Madurai. Stories and colors that explode at the Meenakshi Temple, dedicated to Shiva’s goddess of fortune and consort. A temple inside which you can see mandalas drawn on the vaults, colorful sculptures that form psychedelic and panoramic mountains that will delight lovers of this exotic India.

16. Sikkim:-

Sikkim  Best Places To Visit In India

Gangtok is a beautiful city, located in the lap of the Lesser Himalayas. What was once the capital of a monarch, still retains the charm that had attracted its rulers. Accompanied by the display of a rare variety of fauna and flora, this city offers a truly memorable experience. Of all the hill stations, only Gangtok provides a fascinating view of the majestic Kanchenjunga.
Gangtok is just a 4-hour drive from Darjeeling, 4 1/2 hours from both NJP (the nearest train station) and Bagdogra (the closest airport). You can get private taxis from all these places, shared jeeps from NJP, Siliguri, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, etc. and buses from Siliguri.
The best things to do:
View: there is a lot to see in Gangtok The Teesta River, Yumthang Valley, and Tsongmo Lake will make you feel captivated.
Learn about Buddhism: Buddhism is linked to the history of Gangtok. Among the many monarchs who ruled this place, the Buddhists are notable.
Adventure: Being so close to the Kanchenjunga and numerous flyovers, Gangtok is home to some of the most exciting trails.

17. Andaman & Nicobar Island:-

Andaman & Nicobar Island  Best Places To Visit In India

The idyllic islands of Andaman and Nicobar are a perfect place for vacations and the best places to visit in India. It is surrounded by blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. Explore the historical parts in Port Blair, especially the cell prison. Don’t miss out on a visit to the islands of Havelock and Neil to enjoy the best relaxing beaches in the world.
Don’t miss the sun, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, bird watching, and trekking to the tropical forests of the island. What is truly magical is that the islands only receive light rains during the monsoon season.

18. Coorg:-


Coorg (also called Kodagu) whose name means “Dense forest with steep hills” is a magical and beautiful state for its impressive coffee plantations with a fantastic aroma. The falls are an excellent destination for tourists, especially the Iruppu abbey and waterfalls. Its dense forests, its hills, and plantations have amazed all visitors since its foundation, even its conquerors called it “Little Scotland”.

19. Uttrakhand:-


One of nature’s most beautiful gifts, the Uttarakhand Flower Valley is one of the best places to visit in India during the monsoon. After the rains, this valley is transformed into a garden full of mountain flowers. More than 300 species of mountain flowers in all possible shades make up a fantastic pattern that makes this place a vision of God in your garden. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the valley is a national park, which can only be visited in the rainy season.

20. Rameshwaram:-


Rameshwaram Island is just as the city of Varanasi is considered as a sacred place that is closely associated with Rama and is a place of pilgrimage for Shaivas and Vaishnavas.

21. Arunachal Pradesh:-

Arunachal Pradesh

Right in the middle point between Tibet and India is this new state in the northeast of the country. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the two regions in dispute between the People’s Republic of China and India; where its capital is Itanagar. Although it is an entirely isolated territory and dedicated to Buddhist traditions, Arunachal Pradesh has a lot to offer for its beautiful and unexplored nature and its ancient traditions.

22. Konark Temple:-

Konark Temple

Konark’s Temple of the Sun is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also one of the Seven Wonders of India. This famous site is located in Konark in the Puri district in the state of Orissa. This black granite building was built during 1236-1264 a.d. by King Narasimhadeva-I.

It is also known as the Black Pagoda due to its structure built in black granite. This Temple attracts tourists from all over the world. The temple complex is decorated with the carving of such a stone. A team of six horses drives the cart. The Temple symbolizes the impressive passage of Surya Dev (the sun god).

23. Jodhpur:-


The second-largest city in the state of Rajasthan, it is located in the majestic Thar desert, where the blue color in all its houses under the magnificent Mehrangarh fort distinguish the whole place due to its ancient meaning. In ancient times, each house painted in blue represented the home of the Brahmins, over time the color was attributed to the upper castes, also providing freshness to the house and protection from mosquitoes. However, today most of the homes are painted blue as a symbol of their culture and history.

24. Kanha National Park:-

Kanha National Park

It is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Asia and one of the best places to see a tiger in India. The lush bamboo forests, green meadows, and ravines of Kanha inspired Rudyard Kipling for his famous novel “Jungle Book” and make this one of the best places in India.

 25. Ranakpur Temples:-

Ranakpur Temples

The Jain religious complex in Ranakpur is one of the best-preserved shrines in India; it is admired for the delicacy and complexity of the ornaments that cover its temples. The Temple of Adinatha is the most important building in Ranakpur dating from the 1400s and was erected around a central shrine. The temple has countless spire towers, portals and galleries, images of saints, and 1,444 engraved pillars, each with a unique design.

26. Brihadisvara Temple:-

Brihadisvara Temple

The Tanjore region is located in the religious heart of Tamil Nadu in southern India; in this place, the Brihadisvara temple houses the highest vimana in the country at 62 meters high, an impressive monument. In this regard, this sanctuary with more than a thousand years of antiquity was built at the expense of the Chola kings; its architecture shows a dome carved in granite weighing eighty tons, inside there are delicately carved sculptures and paintings using the fresco technique.

27. Victoria Memorial Museum:-

Victoria Memorial Museum

Several impressive buildings are a legacy of the ancient British Raj in Calcutta, but none as large as the imposing Victoria Memorial; This building is located at the southern end of Maidan, it was built with white marble, this residence was opened to the public in 1921. It was initially dedicated to the memory of Queen Victoria. Subsequently, it was used to house a museum, making it a very prominent tourist site in India. Currently, the Victoria Memorial building houses a large collection of Indian relics and exhibits of the Raj and the history of Calcutta.

28. Hemis Monastery:-

Hemis Monastery

The Hemis Monastery is an extraordinary sanctuary that is located on top of the Indus River in Ladakh of one of the best places to visit in India, a remote region of the Himalayas. It was founded in the 17th century, and inside it houses silver chortens, a wooden throne, a library with very particular Tibetan books, and a collection of thangkas.

The Hemis monastery is also the gathering place to celebrate the final tech in June of each year and to commemorate the birth of the Guru Padmasambhava.

29. Chittorgarh Fort:-

Chittorgarh Fort

A vast and vast fort of Chittorgarh was the capital of Mewar. Chittorgarh, one of the oldest inhabited places in Rajasthan, was officially founded in 728 AD. However, excavations have uncovered stone tools from almost half a million years ago and Buddhist relics from the 2nd century B.C. This fortress is surrounded by 5 km of walls, in it, there are outstanding ruins of palaces, Jain and Hindu temples and a museum.

30. Pondicherry


If you pay attention, you can listen to the French. Pondy, as they call it here, belonged to France until 1954, and in the eastern part of the city, you can still see the French footprint. The city has a certain bohemian and artistic atmosphere and is the calmest you can find in the country. It is best to take the visit calmly and do as little as possible. The old part is full of curious houses, cobbled streets, and French-inspired food. If you miss croissants, files, and red wine, take advantage. Then head to the beach.

31. Hyderabad


The old part of Hyderabad represents the essence of ancient India, where cows roam the crowded alleys. The vendors of the flea markets shout the prices of their products, and the smell of chai (tea) and local goat biryani flood the atmosphere.

The iconic Charminar monument and ancient mosques, such as Mecca Masjid, toweringly towering over modest streets, evoking the city’s glorious past. In the west, visit the so-called “Cyberabad.” You will feel that you have just traveled to some Japanese neighborhoods full of technological places. If you don’t have much time, focus on the old town and its beautiful architecture.

32. Mysore


Mysore is a city of recognized beauty, whose main attraction is its world heritage palace, with red domes and a colorful glass interior. Visit it on a Sunday, when it is illuminated.

The architectural wonders continue with the Gothic Santa Filomena Cathedral and the impressive Lalit Mahal Palace, known for its British-style teas. Try Mysore Pak, a typical dessert with Indian butter, similar to the British fudge if you have a sweet tooth. Head over to the Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum and stroll through the Brindavan Gardens, dotted with fountains. If you like festivals, point out the Dasara Festival on your calendar, held in September for ten days.

33. Ooty


Situated in the blue mountains of southern India, Ooty is a destination you must visit if you need a break from the tropical heat. Imagine green hills dotted with eucalyptus and tea plantations that you can reach by scenic train.
Explore the Botanical Garden, where the summer festival is held in May, and climb Doddabetta to take photos. Ride the lake and countryside area on horseback, sample the area’s famous chocolates and tea. If you want to visit something different, stop by the Wax Museum.

34. Munnar

Munnar  Best Places To Visit In India

Exchange big cities for mountains. Munnar was a former summer resort for the British and is a peaceful place filled with tea trees and mountains with cloud-covered peaks. Visit the floriculture center’s gardens, organize a snack at Mattupetti Dam, or visit the Echo Point.
In Eravikulam National Park, there are leopards, tigers, and mountain goats, while in the Salim Ali bird sanctuary, numerous species of birds live. Rent a pedal boat, cycle through the countryside, or dare to rock climb Munnar.

35. Araku Valley

Araku Valley

Located in Andhra Pradesh, the impressive Araku Valley is one of the most beautiful tourist stops near Visakhapatnam. Surrounded by towering mountains and lush forests, the valley is ideal for relaxing and nurturing the soul. Located at an elevation of 2,990 feet, the Eastern Ghats mountain ranges are a great getaway for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The most popular attraction in the valley is the Chaparai waterfall, also known as Dumbriguda. It is located at a distance of 5 km from the valley and is beautiful as a recreational destination, ideal for a picnic. Tourists visiting the valley can also visit the Araku Tribal Museum, which offers a detailed insight into the life of the people of the Araku valley as they journey through its rich history.

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