Natural Therapies For Nicotine Dependence

Nicotine dependence is a serious problem. Many smokers want to quit; however, the dependence caused by this substance that contains tobacco makes it quite difficult for them.

Currently, we not only have nicotine patches and other resources to gradually give up this habit, but we also have natural therapies. These can be an option that can help us achieve our goal.

Natural Therapies To Overcome Nicotine Dependence

Natural therapies are an excellent alternative to overcome nicotine dependence. Next, we are going to see some options, since there are plants and other compounds that have great effectiveness.

Natural Therapies To Overcome Nicotine Dependence

1. Overcome nicotine dependence with cytisine

The article What do cardiologists need to know about drug treatment to quit smoking? Notes that cytisine is a natural option to deal with nicotine dependence.

Cytisine is an extract from the seeds of the Cytisus laburnum plant, which was already used by Soviet countries to stop people from smoking.
A natural option is taken as follows:

  • Cytisine is purchased in the form of tablets.
  • During the first days, 6 tablets should be given.
  • From the third day, the dose should be gradually reduced.

The extract of this plant should only be taken for 25 days. That is the estimated time to overcome nicotine dependence. We recommend being constant in the shots, as indicated. Also, it is important that before starting consumption, we consult with the doctor.

2. Quit smoking thanks to kudzu

Kudzu (Pueraria Lobata) is another option to overcome nicotine dependence. The part that is used for this purpose is the root of this shrub. Its properties inhibit the reward circuit favoring the reduction of nicotine consumption.

There are different ways to consume this natural remedy to overcome the dependence that we may have on tobacco. We recommend that you choose the option that best suits your lifestyle.

  • Tablets: you should start by taking between 5 and 6 tablets a day, and then gradually reduce your intake.
  • Powder: in this way, it can be added to meals or dissolved in a glass of juice. We do not recommend a glass of water, as its taste can be unpleasant.
  • Extract: in the form of drops, these can be dissolved in a glass of water or consumed directly. For example, two drops that we will put in a dessert spoon.

3. Resort to homeopathy

The last tip to overcome nicotine dependence is a natural therapy known as homeopathy. As the article Application of homeopathy to smoking patients of the locality “Enrique Varona” points out, this is an option that offers great results

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine. This means that we can submit to it, at the same time that we choose some of the options mentioned above.

In this type of medicine, tablets are usually prescribed that do not have any contraindications to health. Likewise, you can also use elements such as Bach flowers, for example.

Note: Scientific studies have not fully verified alternative medicines for smoking cessation, so all of them require the supervision of a medical specialist to guide us about them.

Intention also helps

  • Believing that these natural options alone will help us overcome nicotine dependence is a big mistake. It is important to have an intention, make him and be aware that there will be many times when anxiety makes an appearance.
  • In these cases, we must draw our willpower and rely on the resources above. Trusting that thanks to them, we will be able to overcome dependency is vital for this to happen.
  • Quitting smoking is not easy. Therefore, we also recommend avoiding those places that can easily make you fall back into this habit. For example, when you go to a bar, do not put yourself in the smoking area. This can help you.

We hope this article has been helpful to you, and we hope that you will soon overcome your nicotine dependence to quit tobacco altogether.

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