Natural Oils For Sensitive Teeth

Essential Natural oils for sensitive teeth, sensitivity is a problem that affects more people than we would like. Find out how to fix it quickly and easily with some remedies based on vegetable oils.

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that affects more people than we would like. This sensitivity is produced by the decrease or wear of the enamel that protects the nerves of the teeth, thus causing us intense pain when drinking cold or hot drinks.

But the problem goes further because it also affects the gums, making them more reddish and generating bleeding. This can also be caused or aggravated by acidic or sweet foods and drinks since they facilitate the proliferation of bacterial agents that cause sensitivity, cavities, and gum bleeding.

In the market, different products ensure the decrease of sensitivity in your teeth. Most of these creams are based on potassium nitrate and arginine, which reduce mouth sensitivity with great efficiency.

However, they do not always help you obtain the expected results and may end up affecting your pocket due to their high cost.

We Bring You Five Natural Oils For Sensitive Teeth :-

1. Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon Oils For Sensitive Teeth

The first remedy against tooth sensitivity is cinnamon oil. This contains cinnamic aldehyde and eugenol, two antiviral, and analgesic agents that will help you control sensitivity to discomfort.

To take advantage of its benefits, just apply a couple of drops to your teeth. You can help yourself with your fingers, a cotton ball, or a toothbrush. If the discomfort is severe, apply three times a day. Otherwise, one or two will suffice.

You’ll find cinnamon oil in herbalists and health food stores, and you’ll only need a small amount. Once at home, remember to keep it in the dark place to avoid rusting.

2. Tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oils For Sensitive Teeth

Tea tree oil is known for its many uses in health and cosmetic remedies. Among these benefits, we can include the ability to reduce tooth sensitivity thanks to its terpinene, cineole, and pinene.

These ingredients fight the bacteria that cause pain and lessen it in minutes. You can use tea tree oil as a mouthwash. You just need:


  • 1 glass of warm water. (250 ml)
  • 3 drops of tea tree oil.


  • First, dilute the oil in the warm water.
  • Then brush your teeth as usual.
  • After removing the paste, rinse.
  • Apply chamomile oil with a cotton ball or clean fingers

3. Thyme oil

Thyme Oils For Sensitive Teeth

Thyme components include flavonoids and paracymene. Both ingredients help control tooth sensitivity as they act as antiseptic agents. This oil is also rich in vitamin C and calcium, so it will help strengthen your teeth and improve your health.


  • 1 glass with cold water. (250 ml)
  • 5 drops of thyme oil.


  • To start, brush your teeth as you normally do.
  • Then, after removing the toothpaste, use the mixture to rinse your teeth.
  • Try not to eat anything for an hour.

4. Basil oil

Basil Oils For Sensitive Teeth

Basil has endless culinary uses. Its pleasant aroma makes it a highly used plant in homes. What few know is that basil has components such as estragole and eugenol that act as natural anti-inflammatories.

This property decreases tooth sensitivity by relaxing the dental nerves. Apply a few drops on a cotton ball and apply it to your teeth in circular movements.

Don’t resign yourself to tooth sensitivity.

Once tooth sensitivity appears, many people think they should resign themselves. However, to notice the improvement in your teeth and gums, you must be consistent and disciplined with these treatments. You will notice the improvement in a very short time.

Choose the one that best suits your taste and budget and stop suffering from unnecessary pain. Start enjoying all your favorite drinks and foods now, to share with your friends and family without having to worry about uncomfortable pain.

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