11 Myths About Healthy Eating Quotes

Since we are little, hundreds of news and beliefs invade us about what is healthy and what is not. On many occasions, it is difficult to get rid of some stereotypes. Still, it is necessary to do so because they limit our options and opportunities, especially when it comes to food. For this reason, we have made a list of beliefs or popular myths about healthy eating quotes that are false.

Myths About Healthy Eating Quotes That You Shouldn’t Believe:

Healthy Eating Quotes

1. Is It Necessary To Hunger To Lose Weight?

The key to losing weight is to eat healthily, choosing the food, the amounts, and the hours very well. “This does not mean that you can snack all day. When you feel hungry or anxious shortly after eating, drink water, drink a natural infusion, or eat a handful of nuts without salt.

2. Can A High Protein Diet Be Dangerous?

Studies show that protein is essential for the body to function, to lose weight, and even to build muscle.explains that a protein consumption of between 25 and 30% of total calories speeds up metabolism between 80 and 100 calories burned per day.

3. Do You Take Water Between The Meals?

Water is a calorie-free meal, which, contrary to what some people think, helps curb appetite, and dilate the stomach to produce satiety. It will be a great ally if your goal is to lose weight and control cravings!

4. If You Sport Can You Eat Everything, You Want?

One of the most frequent mistakes is believing that because you go to the gym, you have permission to eat what you want. No! Although you burn a considerable amount of calories by exercising, one of the pillars to lose weight is maintaining a balanced diet.

5. Eating After 6 pm Is Bad.

With the rhythm of life that we lead, eating after 6 in the afternoon is not only possible but also necessary. Many people today go to bed later than our ancestors did. What is true is that we should not have dinner 3 hours before sleeping, also, your dinner should be light.

6. Fats Are Not Bad For The Body.

Fats are considered harmful to human health, but this is not necessarily the case. Without fats, a healthy metabolism is simply impossible to achieve. Without this element, you will not absorb vitamins A and E, necessary to prevent premature aging of the skin and liver problems. Therefore, fat intake is not harmful but should be limited

7. Walking Is Not Good To Lose Weight?

There are more than 10,000 studies that show that sitting for a long time impacts the cardiovascular and metabolic function of the body, which can cause essential diseases. Some benefits of walking are: strengthening the heart, keeping blood pressure under control, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, and asthma by up to 60%, helping to control your weight, among others.

8. Eating Between Meals Is Bad.

Eating between meals is necessary. Every human being who takes care of their health must periodically replenish energy reserves. Only these foods must be balanced; for example, you can eat fruits or nuts.

9. Carbohydrates Should Not Be Consumed.

Carbohydrates exist in two types: simple and complex. Indeed, it is worth resorting to the complexes if you want to have a healthy diet. In particular, you should eat cereals, beans, vegetables, and fresh herbs more often.

10. Fruits And Vegetables Lose Their Properties When Frozen.

Modern freezing technologies allow practically all healthy items to be kept, especially during the winter season.

11. Do Green Juices Substitute Breakfast?

No green juice or slimming water should replace healthy meals. Despite the number of nutrients and vitamins that some of these drinks have, it is not recommended to substitute breakfast or any main meal with these. “Your body needs at least six meals a day that contains protein, fiber, good fats, and some carbohydrates to run at full speed.

Green Juices

The above content is for educational and informational purposes only and has been developed with reliable medical sources and recommendations from health experts. If you feel identified with any symptom, described medical term, or are a patient, we recommend consulting your doctor.

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