Facebook Launch A Mobile Game Stream App

Facebook has quietly launched a new app for video games, which it has called Facebook Gaming, focused on the live broadcast of mobile game stream app (streaming) via mobile and with which the company intends to compete with Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or Microsoft Mixer.

Facebook Gaming, as a service, already existed within the social network itself, although now the app is launched as a separate element. Initially, the launch of the application was planned for June, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, with people locked up at home, Facebook has decided to bring the launch forward. At the moment, the gaming app is available for Android devices, waiting to receive approval from Apple to also be launched in the Apple Store.

Facebook Gaming allows you to play casual games online via mobile and against other players, as well as broadcast live very simply in its “Go Life” section. For streamers, the app offers tools like live chats with reactions and invitations to play live games. It also offers mechanics to expand the community of followers; for example, you can follow streamers or search for a specific game to find and view content.

Mobile Game stream App
Mobile Game Stream App

Unlike its main competitors, the new Facebook application is not intended for players who use desktop computers, but for those who use mobiles, in this way, the attention is kept on the broadcast of the video since the smartphone does not include background activities possible.

Also, following the strategies of Twitch or Mixer, Facebook Gaming has exclusively signed several popular streamers to create content in its new application, and which will allow the platform to attract new users.

The app does not contain advertising, and through the “Level Up” program creators can monetize their channels by charging for some content. The operation of this program is similar to that of the YouTube Partner Program or the Twitch subscription system. Although Facebook is considering introducing some additional system of rewards in the future, with which to monetize the platform, for the moment, it will focus on attracting new users, focusing on offering tools that allow them to easily transmit their games.

The Facebook Gaming service is not new, but according to data from Streamlabs, despite the fact that Facebook has 2.5 billion users worldwide, its gaming platform is the third, behind others such as Amazon’s Twitch or YouTube Gaming. Launching an independent app focused on online games through mobile can be the differential value.

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