20 Tricks To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Forget About Diets That Bite Their Tails. Take Note Of The Keys That Will Help You Lose Weight Without Dieting And Reach Your Ideal Weight And Maintain It Effortlessly.

It’s not just your feeling: on holidays, generally, we get fat. Excesses in food and drink, delicious ice creams, or hammock days end up taking its toll. And although you have been entrusting yourself to watermelon and model sportssummer means gaining 3 kilos. The return home is the decisive moment to eliminate them before those extra kilos settle as their own. And while just getting good habits back will do much of the work, there are some easy and science-backed measures, to lose weight without dieting. 

1. Sleep Well

Sleep Well

For some experts, this is the number one rule when it comes to losing weight, more important even than diet or exercise. And is that numerous studies have shown the relationship between sleep deficit and weight gain. The reasons are several, mainly hormonal but also so easy to understand that if your brain and body do not have energy, they will claim it for the most caloric foods

2. Eat This Type Of Cereal


breakfast Eating breakfast every day, including fruit and protein, is a habit shared by thin people. There is one more ingredient that, consumed at the first meal, can help you lose weight: large flake cereals. If we choose this type instead of the smaller flakes, it will be easier to control the quantity and calories.

3. Avoid All Sodas And Alcoholic

Sodas And Alcoholic

Beverages Sugary sodas seem doomed to go away. Still, the same could be true of their calorie-free versions: found that light sodas not only do they not help you lose weight, as we sometimes suppose, but they can even predispose you to obesity and diabetes. For its part, alcohol provides empty calories that can be avoided with a simple gesture such as replacing that glass with a natural juice -which will provide you with vitamins and other micronutrients- or, simply, a glass of water.

4. Eat Fruit


“When consumed outside meals, we favour good digestion as well as better absorption of nutrients”, breakfast as a good time to eat fruit. If you eat fruit mid-morning or afternoon, in addition to digesting it better and taking advantage of its fibre intake to keep you satiated until the next main meal, you will replace other less healthy snacks and thus save more than 360 calories each day. 

5. Walking


The easiest and most accessible exercise at all levels of physical fitness can be a real help to lose those 3 kilos of vacation in a few weeks: walking an hour at a rate of 5 km / h burns around 230 kcal. The best thing is that it is not necessary to go out for a walk, but you can incorporate it into the routine with habits such as walking to work, using the stairs, getting up several times throughout the day … Download an app to control the number of steps you take each day, starting with an amount appropriate to your condition.

6. Put Chickpeas On Your Salad

Chickpeas On Salad

Legumes are rich in protein. Adding about 80 g of chickpeas increases the nutritional value of the salad, making it a unique starvation dish. Just like vegetables, you should also take protein with every meal. And the vegetable proteins in legumes have the advantage over meat or fish of being low in fat. If you do not know how to incorporate them into your menus, take note of the recipes you can make with a jar of chickpeas.

7. Snack, The Mega Trick To Avoid Biting

Healthy Snack

As the idea is to make an early meal -before 3 in the afternoon-, having a snack in the middle of the afternoon helps us not to peck or go to dinner wanting to devour a cow with an included cowbell, or eat dinner while eating it. We are preparing. So dividing your meals to include a snack will make it much easier for you to lose weight.

8. An Apple Before Meals


The Australian Society for the Treatment and Prevention of Obesity states that many overweight people consume the majority of daily calories in 20 minutes. If you start meals with a healthy apple –or a couple of carrots–, as it forces you to chew and it takes a while, then you eat less than if you start with lasagna, and thus you end up consuming fewer calories.

9. Vegetables With Pasta

Vegetables With Pasta

Instead of pasta with vegetables. By exchanging the amounts of these two foods, you will get satiated earlier, take longer to get hungry again and eat 200 to 300 kcal less. The ideal is to incorporate vegetables into all dishes, as the main ingredient or as a garnish.

10. Exchange The Butter For The Avocado


Substitute a tablespoon of ripe avocado for the butter on the toast. In addition to gaining health thanks to its content in heart-healthy fats, you will be taking fewer calories. You can also substitute butter for a crushed ripe banana, to which you can add pieces of chopped nuts or a little cocoa powder. If you want more ideas and recipes with avocado, take a look here. 

11. Keep The Box Of Cookies Out Of Your Sight


Put temptations, sweet and salty, out of your reach. Opt for healthy snacks ( fruit, yoghurt, a 40g mini-sandwich, a handful of nuts, a few carrot sticks, celery, etc.). And, on time, treat yourself – a bun, some cookies, and ice cream, some potato chips, etc. -, fully enjoying the moment. 

12. The Best Motor


According to experts, cycling two and a half hours a week (or 30 minutes a day) increases weight loss by 25%. Commuting on a bicycle, accelerates metabolism, activates calorie burning and brings you to your destination in a better mood. To further burn and tone your legs and glutes, forget about using the elevator or escalator.

13. Yes To The Tupper!

homemade food

If you eat out, prepare tuppers with homemade food with balanced and delicious recipes. You will have a 26% lower risk of obesity than if you eat in the restaurant or pre-cooked strips. Discover the best meals to take to work.

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14. If You Have Fewer Ingredients, The Better

thick cream

Eating little food makes digestion easier and gas-free or bloated. But so you don’t get hungry, they must be light but dense. What do we mean by dense? Well, soup is not the same as a cream, for example. A soup made with two or three vegetables in light food, but it does not remove hunger because it is all liquid. On the other hand, a thick cream like this with the same vegetables is light but has the necessary density to leave you satiated.

15. Opt For Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

If for you chocolate is irreplaceable, choose black. With it, you can satisfy your palate with a sweet touch, and it is not as caloric as milk chocolate. Opt for the purest version (minimum 80%), which is free of sugar, milk and nuts. Don’t drink more than 1 or 2 ounces a day.

16. Homemade Tomato Sauce, Non-Industrial

Homemade Tomato Sauce

Industrial sauces, in addition to a lot of salt, contain large amounts of sugar that add calories to your dishes. Ketchup is the most extreme case, reaching up to 4 g of sugar and 20 calories for each tablespoon (which is equivalent to a tablespoon of table sugar). Therefore, you should make the sauce at home. You can also choose to grate the tomato and add oregano, pepper or other spices that you like. More light sauce and vinaigrette ideas, and super easy to make. 

17. Dinner With The Computer Off

Computer Off

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, light from devices such as television or computers can cause levels of melatonin, a hormone that is involved in energy metabolism, to be altered. In addition, it has been seen that the more attention you pay to your plate, the less likely you are to overeat.

18. Not All Nuts


Be careful with the bags of nuts; they are usually salty and fried, so they provide a lot of salt, unhealthy fats and a large amount of calories. To take them as a snack, better raw and without salt. Find out if you can take nuts while on a diet. 

19. Bring Dinner Forward

Dinner Forward

A study by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center (USA) shows that bringing dinner forward makes us burn more fat at night. And the ideal, in addition, is that the dinner is light, that includes vegetables, meat or fish and some dairy and is poor in cereals (bread, pasta, potato).

20. Drink Water When You Get Up

Drink Water

Just wake up, before breakfast, have a glass of water: essential to hydrate your body after hours of sleep and a great remedy to activate the mechanisms of toxin elimination.
And don’t forget to keep drinking throughout the day. Here are  tricks to drink more water (without realizing it).

If after following a diet you are not able to maintain the lost weight but you regain it and even add a few extra kilograms, it will become increasingly difficult for you to lose weight. And it is that when you go back to diet, your metabolism will slow down because you already know that you will “starve” and protect yourself by burning fewer calories.

Lose Weight Without Dieting Is Possible

Lose Weight Without Dieting

Therefore, what we propose is not to diet! And so? You just have to follow the keys that we have given you and take into account these principles.

  1. A “slimming” diet. In addition to the 15 tricks that we give you, follow the model of the Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and it will still be more comfortable to lose weight.
  2. Sport, a habit. When you make exercising as normal as brushing your teeth, your metabolism will go into “burn mode.” If you want an idea, don’t miss our exercises section.
  3. The pantry must-have. Get rid of whims. As you have seen in the tricks that we have given you, designing a fat-burning pantry is possible. You only have to bet on foods that burn fat, and avoid treacherous foods at all costs: they are full of fat.

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