Top 5 Benefits Of Eating An Apple A Day

There are many more reasons, such as that person who consumes it take fewer medications, but here are the top 5 benefits of eating an apple a day. You will become addicted!

The famous English saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” which we could translate as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away from your life,” is true. There are many reasons to eat apples. We have chosen the best 5, and we encourage you to include this sweet temptation in your daily menus.

1. Take Care Of Your Heart

Take Care Of Your Heart An Apple A Day

If you take it regularly – remember, one a day – take care of your arteries by decreasing the absorption of fat provided by food. So it helps you keep cholesterol at bay. And is that this fruit contains flavonoids, substances that prevent cholesterol from adhering to the wall of blood vessels. And since it also provides potassium, it prevents fluid retention and fights hypertension. Do you take good care of your heart? .

2. Prevent Cancer

Prevent Cancer

Several studies show that the apple has anti-cancer properties due to its content in phytochemical substances, such as polyphenols (quercetin, flavonoids), antioxidants that protect you from free radicals. In addition, its fiber helps prevent colon cancer. If you want to ask questions about this topic, you can take our test to determine your risk of having cancer.

3. It Takes Away Your Hunger


And not only does it help you keep your appetite at bay, but it also makes you eat less calories later in the day, which is why it’s one of the best fat-burning foods. This is because it contains a type of fiber called pectin that forms a gel in the stomach that slows your digestion. It takes longer to feel hungry again, and you have less desire to snack. Of course, eat it with skin, which is where there is more pectin. It also regulates. This fiber is indicated both in case of diarrhea and constipation, improving intestinal transit and facilitating digestion. And an apple only has between 50 and 80 kcal.

4. It Is Very Purifying

Rheumatic Diseases

Being rich in potassium and low in sodium, it is perfect as a detox food that eliminates liquids and toxins from your body. And this not only helps to take care of the line. Its cleansing effect also makes it ideal for combating inflammatory diseases such as gout, arthritis, and rheumatic diseases (one reason the hand or foot falls asleep maybe rheumatoid arthritis). This is due, in addition to its potassium content, its organic acids, and its tannins, substances that favor the elimination of uric acid.

5. It Takes You Away From Diabetes


It helps balance blood sugar, which is very important for people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes. And it is that its consumption delays the absorption of glucose in the intestine, and this effect lasts much of the day. And last but not least, it satisfies you because it does not allow glucose to rise rapidly after meals.


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