Distance Learning Systems, Is Good Or Bad?

Distance learning Systems is a form of teaching which dispenses with any physical presence of teachers and which does not at all require regular passage through an educational establishment, but which similarly results in a diploma. This subject is often confusing, both in terms of the quality of teaching and the level of competence.

The Advantages Of Distance Learning Systems

Distance Learning Systems

1. The opportunity to be an employee while studying

One of the most common misconceptions about distance learning systems is that with this type of training, we are entitled to much more freedom. This includes being able to get into the job market while following distance learning as long as you organize yourself perfectly. Many of those who use this option take time in the evening for their reviews, for example. Thus, employees, job seekers, or even employees on parental leave may well embark on distance training to increase capacities and, therefore, to a higher position or even for professional retraining.

2. The same right to a recognized diploma

The learning model has no impact on the validity and recognition of diplomas: the exams to validate training are identical to those of face-to-face courses and are also subject to validation by the French Ministry of Education.

3. You are independent in your learning.

Some students are much more lonely and independent in their method of learning; others find it difficult to adhere to the system, which requires being willing to study at specific times of the day for a specified period. In other words, they have their own learning pace, and distance learning systems are fine for both. This idea can also appeal to students who are not used to exam stress. Distance learning does not include regular checks; only the final exam is required.

4. You reduce your costs and expenses.

Taking distance training also seems to be an excellent economical solution. It will notably eliminate your travel and accommodation costs in certain cases or even your food expenses.

5. You become more responsible.

You are only subject to yourself once you decide to go on distance learning systems. You will be solely responsible for your success or your failure. Most distance education students admit to having gained maturity thanks to this type of learning where procrastination is the greatest scourge. But generally, students quickly realise their situation and therefore become much more involved in their training.

The Disadvantages Of Distance Education

disadvantages of distance education

1. Lack of supervision

Precisely, this lack of more or less strict framework can harm the procrastinators who unfortunately did not understand that the freedom that this mode of learning offers, all the same, requires great self-control and rigor.

2. Lack of organization

It should be remembered that the drawbacks of distance education are very much based on the qualities of the student. Indeed, if the student accumulates work and distance learning systems without an iron organization, he risks finding himself under a huge workload. Fatigue often takes precedence over the need to study, and revisions are postponed overnight. The organization is essential for successful distance learning.

3. Fewer commitments

Younger learners often have problems with self-discipline. So they will be less motivated to complete their online training because there is no physically present teacher to motivate them to study.

4. Health problems

Learners taking online training spend too much time on computers and other such devices; this means that eyestrain, poor posture, and other physical problems can affect the learner.

5. Less interaction

Online education facilitates remote access to a classroom on time that is convenient for the learner. The latter may experience a feeling of isolation because this type of learning is an individual act, which can make them feel lonely. Now technology is advancing, and learners can engage more actively with teachers or other students using tools such as videoconferencing, social media, and chat rooms.

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