Captures Your Screen In Windows 10?

We show you two useful tools To captures screen, one included in your operating system, and another free and more flexible.

There are dozens of reasons why you would want to record your screen in Windows 10. Maybe you need to do a home tutorial or record a few seconds of a video to make one of those memes. You might also be looking to record a play on your favorite Battle Royale to show to your friends.

The truth is that many do not know that the procedure in Windows 10 is much easier than in the past. Unlike macOS, older versions of Windows did not come with any operating system tools to do so.

Captures screen with the help of two tools:

1. Use Windows 10 Game Bar

Use Windows 10 Game Bar To Captures Screen

If you use your computer to play, you will surely recognize this feature. Along with the included Xbox application, there is also a Game Bar with which you can captures your screen in Windows 10.

To find it, you must open the aforementioned Xbox application, then press Windows + G keys on your keyboard to open the bar and click “Yes, this is a game” in the confirmation window.

With all that ready, you can already record by pressing the bar button or with the key combination Windows + Alt + R. To end the video, you can use the same combination.

The videos will be in the H.264 format in an MP4 container. If you want to go further, from the Xbox app you can enter the DVR options: there you can change the quality, the maximum recording, and the capture folder.

One caveat: not all devices using Windows 10 can use the Game Bar. Your GPU must support one of these three encoders to record: Intel Quick Sync H.260, NVIDIA NVENC, or AMD VCE.

2. Use a free alternative: Flash Back Express

Flash Back Express To captures Screen

If your PC does not support the recording of the Game Bar, you must use software such as FlashBack Express. This application is free and has a little more flexibility when it comes to recording your screen.

Download it from here and install it; then press “Record your screen” to open the personalization window for your recording.

You can select to record both the full screen and a part of it or a specific window. You can also record your webcam. It is even possible to record your microphone, with dedicated volume control and on a different track.

On the other hand, if you are recording a game we recommend you download FBX, from the same creators and with more features.

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