Black Pepper: Condiment In Common Use

Nature offers us a wide variety of spices for us to take advantage of. These are products that not only provide spectacular flavors to meals but also contain components that can be beneficial to the body. In this article, we will look at everything about Peppercorns.

In the specific case of black pepper, it is a formidable ingredient to season culinary preparations. Incidentally, it also allows us to reduce the use of salt in meals.

Black pepper gives foods and preparations – like sauces and soups – that characteristic spicy and aromatic flavor. However, it can also provide health benefits, as it works as a natural stimulant of gastric secretions. In this way, it favors the digestive processes in the stomach.

However, this is not the only favorable contribution to the body. The benefits of black pepper are amazing; Are you interested in getting to know them? Keep reading!


Benefits of black pepper or Peppercorn

Below, we will list some of its interesting health properties:

  • Black pepper has antioxidants: These collaborate in various bodily processes such as cardiovascular diseases.
  • Helps lower cholesterol: Therefore, it becomes an ingredient to consider in case you need to lower cholesterol. This positive quality is due to piperine, which prevents the formation of fat cells.
  • Relieves symptoms of colds and respiratory processes: Like turmeric, it has capsaicin; It is an effective chemical component to open airways and improve blood circulation.
  • The skin also benefits: The piperine that contains the pepper that helps in the creation of pigments, so it becomes useful to eliminate dead cells – exfoliating power – and to combat wrinkles, due to the antioxidants mentioned above.
  • Pepper can be an antibacterial element: It helps in the body’s fight against some bacteria.
  • It serves to treat cough: It is possible to prepare a tea – soft – based on black pepper and consume it as a home remedy for cough. Another popular cough remedy is sprinkling half a lemon over black pepper and sucking on it.
  • Fights arthritis: Black pepper contains an essential oil that can be used externally to relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain. Also, like turmeric, it has a warming effect and a soft analgesic and anti-inflammatory action that will provide calm against discomfort.

Other Interesting Facts of Peppercorn

Black pepper is available in several presentations: whole grain, crushed grain, and also powder. However, it should be considered that what gives much of its potential to pepper is piperine; when it is ground, a high percentage of this component is lost.

Therefore, it is always best to buy it in the form of grains; that is, in its most natural presentation possible. Also, when getting it whole, we make sure that it does not contain additives, which are usually added to the presentation of the powder seasoning.

Furthermore, to ensure a pure pepper, it is often recommended to choose kernels that are round, heavy, and compact in appearance.

As for its conservation, it is essential to store the peppercorns at room temperature. However, in case you prefer to use it ground, we recommend keeping it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Another detail to take into account is that if we grind the pepper just before consuming it, we can take advantage of a higher level of piperine. Also, remember that it is not recommended to incorporate it into food during cooking since the high temperature causes it to lose much of its aroma, flavor, and vitamin C content.

It is obvious that black pepper is a highly appreciated spice in cooking, but it also has many more than favorable health properties. With its consumption, we could help prevent diseases and increase the defenses of the immune system. However, it is important to keep in mind that black pepper is not a substitute for applying a medical treatment.

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