Know More About 5G Network?

About 5G network it is the evolution of 4.5G wireless networks (LTE), in which in addition to achieving lower latency (response time when sending and receiving data packets).
The simultaneous communication capacity between devices is increased, as well as the transmission speed, reaching theoretical speeds in an ideal environment of up to 10Gbps (100 times higher than current technology). Similarly, with this technology, we open the possibility of working with IoT devices (the famous “Internet of Things”).

About 5G Network: What are the main advantages it poses?

About 5G Network

1. Bandwidth 100 times greater than current technology (LTE):
we will be able to see an 8K video in real-time through the Internet, without suffering the eternal interruptions to fill the «buffer.»

2. Increased service availability by increasing the reliability of wireless communication.

3. Lower power consumption in the devices, so we increase the duration and durability of the batteries.

Will the phone bill become more expensive?

In principle, no, since as there are no congestion problems in bandwidth, operators should release the current restrictions and charges for data transfer to move to real flat rates, where the bill does not depend on the number of megabytes consumed. But this will ultimately depend on the trade war that operators want to keep.

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