10 Travel Mistakes You Should Avoid

While travelling for the first time, you make many travel mistakes. Some of them are not that serious, while others can give us a hard time. But don’t think that this only happens with the novice; It also happens with experienced travellers. You can’t always keep track of things, and that’s where we fail. 

Here Are Few Points To Avoid Travel Mistakes

Travel Mistakes

1. Do not inquire about the place you visit

I know that many will say that time is not enough and that it is not necessary. Still, in my experience, I have discovered that knowing about the place in various aspects makes your experience more rewarding and productive.

Knowing where to go, what transport to use, what to avoid, where to eat what interests me, what places to visit first, you can save time, money and unpleasant moments.

2. Hotel selection

Most common travel mistakes thing while selecting hotels. We look for the price and the comments; on this basis, we decided many times where to stay. The problem is that the levels of satisfaction of each person do not always adapt to ours.

A review by google maps of the area, the real average distance to the means of transport and the opinions of the neighbourhood can facilitate a better understanding of the opinions in context.

The photos will almost always be better than reality; do not trust them. Relying only on pictures is one of the beginner mistakes some of us make.

3. Orthodox weather

If we see that the forecasts are hot, we only wear clothes for the heat; if it is cold it will only be warm; however, not everything is black and white, and in the nuances, we can run into temperature changes that deserve the forecast. Without going to extremes, it is good to consider something alternate in case an opportunity to change the status quo presents itself.

A windbreaker and a raincoat will always be good companions that do not take up much additional space in the suitcase. Do not forget that there are cities that have a history of rain despite the season.

4. Do not make any backup copy of the photos or videos of your trip

It is very common for travellers to take any number of photos/videos and transfer them to a computer after the camera memory reaches its limit. In other more practical cases, they use their cell phone or even a tablet (or iPad) to take photos.

Regardless of which device you photograph, the detail is that if things in life stole your laptop or cell phone, assume that you lost the images and all digital memories that document your trip forever. Avoid this type of mishap and save your photos in the cloud with Dropbox or on sites like Flickr.

5. Do not make copies of your documents

Parallel to making backup copies of your digital files, there is making copies of the most important travel documents that you carry with you (passport, identity card, travel insurance, credit cards, plane ticket). If in the worst case you get lost, a copy will facilitate the verification of your identity and the information related to you.

6. Wanting to see everything in such a short time

That desire to over-plan and go out to see as much as you can when you travel for a few days is understandable, but from experience, I would tell you not to. Ideally, be realistic and not stress about seeing each attraction of the destination you visit in such a short time, but instead go slowly so that you can enjoy as much as possible.

7. Being careless with your luggage

A mistake that most travellers make at some point, and is to neglect the backpack in public places. For example, when you are going somewhere and leave your luggage in the hallway, or when you sleep during a bus trip and place your handbag on the top shelf.

It is more common to be careless when taking public transport, which is when you should be most alert. It is not a question of becoming paranoid, but it is that you pay attention to your belongings applying common sense and being malicious.

8. Disregard the advice of the locals

There are no worse travellers than the one who thinks he knows them all. We have the notion that because the Internet exists, no one can tell us, is this attitude the one that often gets us into trouble. You should always pay attention to the recommendations of the locals, evaluate what they say and not underestimate their opinions, because you will never know if one of their tips will get you out of trouble when you least expect it.

9. Not having a monetary backing

If there is one thing that will make a difference in your favour, in the scenario of suddenly running out of money, it has emergency money. Even more useful if you have more than one way to access it. Remember that this money is not part of your travel budget and is only for emergencies. My suggestion is that you take it in cash and by credit card.

10. Blindly trusting travel guides

Travel guides serve to inform you of the destination you are in, but only that. You don’t have to base every aspect of your trip on the book’s recommendations, not because it’s terrible, but it’s best to do and see what you want without being instructed by the book. Also, the information that appears on them is outdated after a particular time.

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