How To Run iOS Apps On Mac?

Apple allows some of the applications that were developed for the iPhone to be used on a computer with a macOS operating system. Run ios apps on mac computer fast and easy? Step by step guide

Others, however, will need an emulator so that you can run them. This is because they are only available for iOS mobiles.

An emulator will allow you to have almost all the tools of a mobile, but with the great advantage that you will be able to see it on your computer screen. This article will help you with this. We will help you find the best iOS simulators for Mac.

Advantages and benefits of run iOS apps on Mac computer?

Among the benefits that can be found, when running the iOS operating system on a Mac computer, we can mention that thanks to this tool, you can access the App Store and download applications that are only available for Apple mobiles. In this case, it is beneficial when searching for games.

Also, specific apps (not just video games) for mobile both iOS and Android, such as Instagram, can be used from the Mac. This will keep your account up to date, and you can upload stories with the speed of your processor that you have on your computer. Another advantage that you have is that you will have more storage, since having an emulator will allow you to have all the resources and hardware that the Mac has, which, in general, is higher than that of a mobile phone.

You can also use this type of option if you are a programmer and need to control in more detail the behaviour of an app on the mobile. With an emulator, you will not only work more comfortably, but you will also be able to use other tools that the computer will give you.

What are the apps on the iPhone that works on macOS?

Run iOS Apps On Mac

Different apps can be used interchangeably on an iPhone as well as on a macOS operating system. This will allow you to use the applications on the 2 devices synchronously.

The applications that work on both iPhone and Mac are:

iTunes: It is an application store that serves to synchronize the different Apple mobiles and also as a media player.

iCloud: All Apple devices have a cloud storage system that allows you to save any information directly.

App Store: It is the official store created by Apple to provide services to the iPhone and Mac computer, where you can download apps that were approved by the company. Some are free, and others are paid.

Siri: It is a virtual assistant that allows you to perform tasks within the device through voice dictation.

Finder: This tool will allow you to have full management of all files, discs and other applications when making new releases.

Safari: It is a closed source browser that is available on both iPhone and Mac computers.

iWork: You can find this application that contains a set of tools with which you will be able to work from your iPhone or macOS. It has a text editor, a spreadsheet, and a package of presentations.

Spotlight: Used to perform searches on the desktop, as well as having different tools that reduce work time and be more productive.

AirDrop: With this tool, users can share files between different Apple devices. With this application, you can send and receive documents, videos, photos, locations and any other type of information between an iPhone and a Mac.

AirPlay: This protocol that is used through a WiFi network allows Apple devices to share data. For this, it is necessary to have iTunes updated.

Affinity Designer: Application used for editing photos and videos. It is an ideal alternative to Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Steps to run iOS apps on macOS with an emulator

iOS apps on macOS with an emulator

To run iOS applications on a computer running macOS, you must use an emulator. In this case, we will take “iPadian” as an example, which will serve you to execute all the functions you need from the mobile on the Mac.

The steps you must follow to use this simulator are:

Download iPadian

The first thing you should do is go to your computer with your Mac and download the iPadian application. You should be aware that there are different versions of this emulator, which represent each of the updates to the iOS operating system.

To download, you must purchase the license for 25 USD from the official website

Install the emulator

Once you have downloaded the simulator, you should go to the “Downloads” folder or to the destination you have chosen, such as the Dock. You will have to click on the extension file “.rar” and then click on the executable “iPadian.exe”.

At this time, you will have to grant all the permissions to the necessary software. Before this, you should read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy and cookie policy. If you agree with these legal regulations, you must click on “Next”.

Now, you are going to have to follow the installation process. You will have to choose a destination folder in which the software will be installed. You should bear in mind that, if you have not previously installed Adobe Flash Player, the same process will ask you to do it automatically. For this case, you will have to select in “Next”, after having accepted the terms and conditions.

Open the iPadian app.

Once you finish installing the program, the application will open. When you want to do it manually, you will have to go to the folder in which you have saved the emulator and click on it.

When it is open, all the apps that you have available by default on an iPhone will appear.

Download Apps for iOS

To download the applications that are exclusive to iOS, you can go to the App Store and choose the one you like best. You must bear in mind that they will not all be available since this emulator does not work with iTunes but with a web apps store.

List of the best iPhone emulators for Mac alternative to iPadian

Good emulators need to be recommended to you, as iPhone and Mac applications use different directories to build their respective interfaces.

Also, keep in mind that the architecture of iOS ARM and x86 for MacOS are different, so efficient simulators are needed for an iPhone app to work on the computer.

For this, we have prepared different emulators with which you can enjoy all the benefits of having an iPhone on the Mac. Let’s see what they are:


It is a professional tool. You can try apps developed for iOS as well as enjoy the best games that are only available for the iPhone.

You will have a Premium version in which you will have cloud storage that will allow you to have your mobile on the screen of your Mac with all the downloaded apps. You can also use it for Windows and Linux.

2. MobiOne Studio

The emulator allows you to simulate the interface of any Apple mobile. With this program, which is based on the open-source Cordova PhoneGap with HTML5, you will be able to enjoy all the applications that you can have on an iPhone by default. You will also be able to test the operation of one that interests you.

Although it was initially launched as a Shareware-type license, you could enjoy 7 days free for you to try the software and then you had to pay for its distribution, today this does not happen. Some time ago, this project was put aside, so you can only download it for free.

3. Ripple iOS Emulator

This is an emulator that works as an extension of Google Chrome so that you can use it both on your Mac and any computer with a Windows operating system. Its use is very simple, you only have to download the software in your browser, and that’s it! You are going to have to open Chrome, and then you have to press the icon. A new screen will open where you must choose the “Emulator” option.

It is ideal for developers as they can test their applications with this simple tool.

4. iPhone

You can count on a tool that will offer you a graphic environment that is powered by Safari of 320 x 480 pixels. It will allow you to zoom so you can find details with extraordinary precision.

This emulator is free. You will be able to interact with all the functions of an iPhone, including Siri.


This emulator is a website that simulates applications that are native to an iPhone. To access this tool, you must enter its official website. Then, you will have to click on the “Tap to play” option to access all its functions.

It has a free version and a Premium one. With the latter, you will have more tools that will allow you, among other things, to save information in the cloud so that you do not have to be permanently loading the app or the game you want.

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