Places To Visit In Karnataka

Tourist places in Karnataka spell charm and sedation. Some of these are well known, while others are not appreciated. The state’s geographic location guarantees various tourist spots in Karnataka that are captivating enough to knock you out.

The historical and quintessential state of Karnataka is central to the tourist map of India. Nestled between the Kannad coast, Western Ghats, and the Deccan Plateau, the state boasts of forests, hills, temples, cave beaches, riverbanks, lakes, coffee plantations, waterfalls, ruins, and much more interesting tourist spots.

To discover the real charm of the state, get acquainted with this magnificent dead, the best places to visit in Karnataka.

1. Bangalore – A colorful city of culture and people

Bangalore City At Night

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka in southern India. The city has earned several names, including Silicon Valley of India, Pub Capital of India, Air Conditioned City, and City of Gardens. However, before the computer revolution, Bangalore was known as Pensioners’ Paradise.

Bangalore offers many fascinating tourist destinations within the city for relaxing a weekend or a mid-week vacation. The main attractions are Bannerghatta Butterfly Park, Biological Palace, Bangalore Palace, Lalbagh Glass Place, Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, Wonder La Amusement Park, ISKCON temple and Aerospace Museum.

2. Coorg – Hypnotize yourself with the aroma of Arabica coffee beans.

Waterfall In Coorg Best Places To Visit In Karnataka

A picturesque and not-so-popular hill station, Coorg has aptly named “Scotland of India.” Its surreal beauty makes one of the fascinating places to visit in the summer. Endowed with aroma-rich coffee farms, lush greenery dotting the mountains, and impressive waterfalls plunging through the misty mountains, Coorg enchants each visitor.

Exciting hikes along the winding trails of the coffee and spice plantations, visit the elephant camp, river coracle walks, wildlife sanctuaries, monasteries, and the local Madikeri market all together contribute to making the vacation fascinating and stimulants.

Popular destination: Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, and Bylakuppe are the most loved ones. Monastery, the second largest Tibetan settlement in India, Dubare Elephant Camp, and Nagarhole National Park, are within seconds.

For adventure fans and nature lovers, climb Brahmagiri Peak, Chettalli, and an exciting coracle ride on the nearby river are attractions.

3. Kabini – Relax and rejuvenate by the river

Kabini National Park

Kabini, most picturesque and peaceful tourist spots in Karnataka, located along the bank of a river with the same name. The Kabini River is a tributary of Cauvery, situated on the periphery of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, the Bandipur Forest, and the Nagarhole National Park; Therefore, it offers a wide range of wildlife experience.

Plus, you may be lucky enough to spot tigers, leopards, wild elephants, various species of deer, and many residential and nomadic birds, while sailing on the river or a wildlife safari in the nearby jungle.

4. Gokarna: A serene coastline, an exciting nightlife, delicious seafood sum it up

Gokarna Beach

Travellers looking for complete comfort and solemn pleasure should visit Gokarna at least once. This discreet, laid-back, and less-commercialized beach destination has won millions of travellers and backpackers and is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka.

Gokarna is also a major Hindu pilgrim center with many ancient temples on its borders only. Relaxing on pristine beaches, enjoying exciting water sports, riding the thrilling catamaran ride has made it a fascinating tourist retreat.

5. Hampi: Aptly said: ‘If dreams were made of stone, it would be Hampi’

Temple In Hampi Dreams Were Made Of Stone

Hampi, a small Kannad village located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town exhibits ruins and historical remains of the Kingdom of Vijayanagara. The stony landscape and sterile beauty of the city is one of the perfect places to visit.

History buffs and architecture scholars flock to the thousands here annually. Other curious travellers are often spellbound and amazed by the craftsmanship of the skilled craftsmen of the time. Hampi has almost a 500 architectural structure in its ruins, all of which are worth visiting.

6. Mysore- A city of Palaces

Mysore Palace  The Pride Of City

Mysore has an impressive royal heritage, the main tourist attraction in the city Mysore Palace. There are many other interesting palaces and temples to see. Its zoo is one of the best in India. Mysore is also a great place to buy sandalwood and study Ashtanga yoga. The 10-day Mysore Dasara festival is an additional attraction.

7. Chikmagalur – The town of the younger daughter

Best Place To Visit Chikmagalur

A destination that is very popular with domestic tourists, Chikmagalur, is part of the Western Ghats Mountains in the southwestern coffee district of Karnataka. Hikers flock there to climb Mullayanagiri Peak, one of the highest in the state. The region’s wide variety of attractions also includes waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, temples, and family homes.

8. Jog Falls: where a sincere ‘wow’ is the first reaction

Jog Falls Best Waterfall

Jog Falls, known locally as Gerusoppa Falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi Falls is the second-highest falls in the country. Formed by the cascading Sharavathi River from an altitude of 253 m (830 ft), the waterfalls are divided into four segments: Raja, Rocket, Rani, and Roarer. They offer one of the most beautiful and incredibly beautiful places to see in Karnataka.

The State Department of Tourism has built steps, about 1,500 in number, from the point of view to the bottom of the hill. Here, at the bottom, you can closely observe the seductive beauty of the waterfalls. Due to its beauty and the enchanting sound of the flowing water, Jog Falls is one of the best places to visit in Karnataka in summer.

9. Shimoga – The lush foliage describes everything.

Shimoga Colorful Place To Visit

The cultural capital of Karnataka is a colourful place enriched with fertile land, beautiful waterfalls, and lush green forests. Its green vegetation and calm atmosphere make it one of the best places to visit. The Tungabhadra River, Sharavathi River, Varada River, and Kumadvathi River have carved out the picturesque river valleys. 

10. Mangalore – Serenity bathed in the sun amidst the hustle and bustle of the city

Mangalore Serene Tourist Spots

Places to visit in Karnataka, Mangalore is serene tourist spots, impeccable for a short weekend trip to break the monotony of urban chores. The city is located at the crossroads of estuaries formed by the Netravati River and the Gurupura river on the Arabian Sea coast.

Once in Mangalore, strolling and sunbathing on the beaches, trying delicious and spicy seafood, watching sunrises and sunsets, and visiting the shipyard is not to be missed. 

11. Karwar – Offbeat and 0ff-the-wall

Karwar Unique Beach Destination

Karwar is a unique beach destination located near the border between Karnataka and Goa. The city is one of the next, not so famous, places to visit on the Karnataka coast. It is ideal for those who want a secluded vacation away from any bustling cat race in town. Sun-drenched beaches, enchanting temples, and majestic forts are top tourist shooters.

The city is locally famous as “Kone” by southern villagers, which refers to the corner of the region around the Kali River. Karwar has an exciting splendor. The surrounding green hills, which are part of the Western Ghats, enhance the beauty quotient of the place.

12. Bandipur National Park – Holidays in the lap of nature

Bandipur National Park Holidays In The Lap Of Nature

When vacationing means greenery and winding trails, when birds sing and wild animal calls are tunes to your ears when the beauty and charm of Bandipur National Park blow your mind, it means you’ve had a successful day in their vacations.

The famous tiger reserve and bird sanctuary. A haven for nature and bird lovers. Once a private game reserve for Maharajas of Mysore, the national park is a habitat for wide varieties of flora and fauna.

13. Dandeli – Adventurer Nirvana

Dandeli Adventurer Nirvana

Dandeli is an amazing getaway amidst nature and adventure that has given it its place on the list of serene tourist spots in Karnataka. This picturesque mountainous terrain surrounded by deciduous forests and wildlife habitat is an ideal vacation destination for Karnataka.

Along with the dense and lush green forests, Dandeli is also famous for adventure sports, night camps, nature walks, boating, and fishing on the Kali River. In a way, a healthy package for adventure enthusiasts, it is a place you must visit if you are addicted to adrenaline.

14. Bijapur – On vacation in a royal way

Bijapur On Vacation In A Royal Way

As a serene and famous historical city, Bijapur boasts of the Islamic Deccan Era and its inherited glories. Bijapur renamed Vijapura in 2014, is a cultural center and has many mosques, mausoleums, palaces, and fortresses as offerings to travelers.

Bijapur is one of the most popular tourist spots in Karnataka and a heart for the Lingayat brand of Shaivism. The Lingayat Siddeshwara Festival is celebrated in full splendor for eight days in January and February.

15. Udupi – The divine feast in Karnataka

Udupi Beauty And Beach

Udupi is ethereal, green, and blissful. Enclosed between the misty Western Ghats and the pristine Arabian Sea, Udupi is also known as Oedipus in the local language. It is famous for its temples, architecture, wooden artifacts, beaches, stone carving, Yakshagana, theatrical art genre, and a special type of local cuisine, including Saaru, Koddelu, Huli, Tambuli, Kosambari, Bajji, and others.

16. Fort Chitradurga – The picturesque fort that speaks of epics

Fort Chitradurga Pride Of Chalukyas Empire

The monument, located in the city of Chitradurga, has immense archaeological and historical significance. The fort has witnessed the history of the Chalukyas Empire period and the famous legend of Onake Obama. The fort has a mention in the Mahabharata epic.

Fort Chitradurga or Fort Chitaldoorg, as it is known locally, is a fortified structure that connects several hills and a peak that dominates the almost flat valley.

17. Nandi Hills – The perfect health resort

Nandi Hills  The Perfect Health Resort

The Nandi Hills lie to the east of Bangalore and offer enchanting beauty to travellers. A serene lake, majestic forts, ancient temples, and amazing backgrounds make it a perfect weekend retreat and one of the best places to visit in Karnataka in the summer.

The sunrise from the top of a hill in the middle of a cloud, fog, and misty weather is probably a luxurious luxury for the soul. The place also has historical significance. Tipu Sultan and his royalty retired here in the Nandi Hills when they attempted to escape the commotion of battles and the heat of the plain.

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