You Did Not Know? One Check On Whatsapp Function

One check on Whatsapp hidden function. With time, Whatsapp has become one of the most critical applications in the world, and this is because it continually provides various updates to its more than 2 million users that it has spread all over the planet.

On that occasion, the instant messaging giant shared a function that is extremely useful when organizing chats within the mobile device. It has to do with a trick to hide the conversations of the application without having to delete them.

One Check On Whatsapp
Whats app Message

For its part and most important of all, it is very easy to perform and is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. It can also be applied to a single contact as well as to everyone on the list. The main thing to do is to archive the conversation.

While if your operating system is Android, what you have to do is select the conversation in question and click on the option that says archive, so that this way it disappears from the smartphone’s chat list. However, if you have an iOS phone what you have to do is go to “Chats”, then slide your finger to the left on the conversation and click on archive.

It is important to note that when you receive a message from these archived conversations, they will reappear on the mobile device, so if you want to hide it again, you will have to repeat the previous steps so that they do not appear.

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