20 Best Mac Gadgets And Applications? 2020 List

When you use a Mac computer, or you have a newly acquired one, you will see that it integrates various softwareby itselfthat offer you excellent utilities for your day today. However, it is necessary to have more tools or apps on hand that allow you to enhance your electronic device and, in this way, make use of more complete programs that ultimately help you develop better in your daily life. These can range from productivity mechanisms to applications to carry out maintenance tasks, file management and many other essential actions.

It is ideal to know the best gadgets and applications specifically for macOS, taking into account that many of these can be found in the Mac App Store at a reasonable price or even, for free. But many others have been recommended by experts since important developers sell them from their websites.

Thus, we present below a list detailing the most optimal apps that cannot be missing from your Mac computer, to get the most out of it. Which, of course, provide excellent features to its users and are considered essential for this year 2019.

List Of The 20 Best Mac Gadgets And Applications

Here we present those applications, software, hardware and peripherals of the Apple Inc. brand available to improve and make the most of your MacOS computer and that you should not stop using, let’s go!

1. Bear

Bear Mac Gadgets

It is a perfect free app for Mac and iOS devices that gives you the ease of taking notes, with which you can perfectly synchronize your work with all your Apple products. Thus, it presents a very attractive and flexible interface for the preparation of quick notes and even in-depth essays, from anywhere you want, or that inspires you.

Also, it has a very useful feature based on hashtags, through which you can properly organize your way of thinking. It also features advanced dialing options that are an excellent ally for writing online. Among other advantages, it allows you to increase the word count, if you need them and the specific reading times, or even convert your texts into Word and PDF documents.

2. CleanmyMac X

CleanmyMac X

Due to the importance of keeping your Mac computer clean, optimized and protected, CleanmyMac X has been developed for this purpose and thus, has multiple tools that allow you to perform a complete cleaning of the system from a scan that searches for the unnecessary files that they occupy more disk space, to delete them in just one click. With this, you can uninstall the already installed applications you need from the root, and the same happens with the files that take up considerable space.

In this sense, the application helps increase the speed of the computer, it has a cloud storage function that allows you to free up more space on your Mac, destroys private files without the possibility of recovering, and is in charge of protecting your privacy 100%. Taking into account that it also protects your device from being attacked by powerful viruses.

3. Mint Quickview

Mint Quickview

This is software for informal financial use, complementary to the “Mint.com” website. With Mint Quickview, you have the facility to perfectly monitor your budget or your financial projects for the future. Which also shows you all your transactions, along with its easy-to-understand charts and extensive information about the account you manage, at the moment you want. To do this, make online purchases quickly and know, in a matter of seconds, how much money you have available to spend.

For its part, it issues account alerts or notifications when you make a new transaction and presents an encrypted access code. In other words, with this application, your financial information will be completely safe and protected, in addition to automatically synchronizing with the official website through your Mac.

4. Audacity


For those Mac users who use their computer, especially for sound-oriented projects, Audacity is one of the ideal apps. Since, it is an open-source audio editor with the ability to do almost anything and find everything you want around your sound plan, for free. In this sense, it offers toolbars that perfectly control the volume and speed to resize the audio to greater precision.

Also, it integrates excellent readability of the display of the name of the track you are editing; it has several dialogues that have help buttons for beginners and last but not least, it offers a half-wave option for collapsed tracks. It also gives you the facility to enter labels, if you want.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

It is one of the most recommended multimedia players for Mac users; it is open source and multiplatform with the ability to play the vast majority of multimedia files, as well as Audio CDDVDVCD and different transmission protocols. Being this, the best solution without any limited number of files. Furthermore, it is a platform that requires very little maintenance to stay up-to-date.

For its part, it promises users to create playlists with as many tracks as they want, making it an ideal application for daily entertainment. It also adds a complete set of functions on video filterssubtitle synchronization and good, audio, and video in general.

6. Pocket


Since 2007, there has been this application that mainly worked as a Firefox extension to save bookmarks and viewing them later. For this reason, the main objective of Pocket is to store and share all your favourite content online, which gives you the ability to read these texts offline and is indeed considered one of the most appreciated solutions by Mac users.

In short, this platform you can save from linkseven pictures and videos from anywhere and also has the facility to synchronize with multiple devices require. Best of all, it is a free app that you can easily find, and yet it has a Premium version that features more advanced search and tagging options.

7. OS X Server

OS X Server

It is an excellent application for general server administration and data exchange, especially between professionals, as it is a powerful solution to handle large volumes of work. Thus, quick access to fully personalized Terabytes of data.

Similarly, OS X Server adds advanced functionalities that allow you to control your organization’s software and hardware very easily and efficiently. Also, it has multiple management and security options, which gives you the competence to encrypt all the information you share and is ideal for encrypting and supporting data such as calendars and contacts.

8. Calcbot


Although Mac computers have a well-rated calculator, Calcbot integrates better solutions, thanks to the fact that it is packed with many additional functions that seem more practical. Among these, access to advanced scientific utilities where, of course, you find actions in scientific mode, beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

As for the interface of this application, flat and bold colours are evident that gives a nice touch to all the buttons. Also, it is capable of converting between more than 500 sectioned Measurement Units in 22 categories and provides you with a history of each calculation made with the quick clipboard function. This history is synchronized with any iOS device.

9. DaisyDisk


It is a free program that uses open-source coding and has the main objective that refers to analyzing the disk space on your Mac computer. This works in conjunction with a diagram of times of sun that resembles the petals of a daisy. From which, it facilitates the identification and elimination of large files that are not used and, thus, has an extremely fast scanning speed.

DaisyDisk deletes files and applications directly in the application; it has a clean, interactive and easy-to-use interface, where you can see your computer’s hard drive and there, you can select the folders that are important and eliminate those that take up unnecessary space. Using this, the simple technology of study, drag and drop.

10. 1Password


It is one of the most recommended password managers for various operating systems, making it also an ideal alternative for macOS. This software presents the competence of creating unique and secure passwords for each website you manage and, in the same way, safeguard all your personal information with a single master password, supported by 256-bit AES encryption.

1Password is a paid app, but although it may seem expensive, it is worth investing in thanks to the excellent functions, it provides its users to manage all their data and share them infallibly perfectly.

11. Dropbox


It is a perfect alternative to keep all your files of interest synchronized on different devices, that is, through Dropbox, you have the facility to link everything you put in the cloud quickly and thus, share files in just a few simple steps. Consequently, Mac users cannot leave this app aside for efficient cloud storage whenever they need it.

Among its main features, we can highlight: free online editing of Microsoft Office files, sharing screenshots in a few seconds, adding comments to files, using selective synchronization to save space and obtaining backup copies of everything that you keep in the cloud.

12. Rocket


Many users consider the macOS emoji interface somewhat inefficient and therefore prefer to use applications that allow them to use it easily, many emojis when typing on their computer, given the great boom that this practice has adopted in recent years. Well, Rocket is a perfect option for this, which has been created by developer Matthew Palmer and in addition to functioning as an effective emoji search engine, it allows you to create sophisticated lists of such emoticons.

Rocket has a very attractive and simplified interface. It is a free app, but in case you want to use more advanced features, it also has a Pro edition that only costs $ 5.

13. Alfred


It is software that allows you to easily search and navigate to launch applications or access documents on your Mac. This is supported by hotkeys and keywords that manage to personalize your search on the computer and within the activity history. If you use the clipboard history of this program, you can easily locate texts, files or images that you have previously copied.

For his part, Alfred has his code snippets, so that you only write a short abbreviation and he can automatically expand them into full-text snippetsthus saving you hours of writing. Plus, it allows you to simplify immensely powerful workflows to perform various tasks efficiently.

14. Bartender 3

Bartender 3

Refers to an organization tool that relies on adjusting menu bar icons by easily hiding or rearranging them. Bartender 3 is used, especially when you are using too many applications at the same time. From this platform, you can quickly navigate through the menu items just by using the hotkey to activate them and then, the date through of them to press “Return finally” and thus select.

Among its most notable features, the following should be highlighted: it shows application icons when they are updated, searches for specific items and moves them to the optional bar bartender, and select applications that appear in the menu bar to modify them to your liking.

15. Pixelmator


This is an image editor that was developed to offer professional image editing tools. Thanks to its extensive collection of options for modifying and retouching photos, it also adds amazing effects and the ease of creating and designing graphics. Therefore, it is recommended for all macOS users.

For its part, Pixelmator offers two very useful types of appearance. The first of them is the light appearance that brings the classic appearance of the app and exhibits a beautiful interface. On the other hand, there is a dark appearance that has been redesigned so that you feel more comfortable using the program. Also, in Pixelmator, you can enjoy superior support for RAW files, editing RAW images directly in the app without the need to pre-process them.

16. Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse

A Perfect Accessory For Your Mac Computer

It is a mouse that adds the functionality of the touchpad, that is, it has integrated touch sensors that allow you to enjoy an excellent feeling of navigation through the system, without the requirement of pressing any button. Therefore, it is considered a gadget that will be of great help to you and gives you great comfort.

The Magic Mouse is the first multi-touch mouse that exhibits the ability to detect various points of contact and interpret gestures of its users, be it swiping to move it between web pages or a kind of “pinch” to zoom in on a certain image. Plus, it’s wireless and runs on two AA batteries that come in the same package and last for about four months.

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17. High Power USB-C Car Charger for MacBook

High Power USB-C Car Charger for MacBook

Another of the most recommended accessories for your Mac computer is the high-power USB-C car charger, which is characterized by being the first with truly USB-C and USB-A QC3 external battery in the world. This, present the provision to connect directly to the cigarette ports of the car.

Also, it is a charger that can join most high-power external battery banks and charge USB-C devices quickly, exhibiting a great advantage compared to most of those available on the market. These devices can be MacBookMacBook ProDell or HP.

18. The USB 3.0 Hub

USB 3.0 Hub

It is the adapter for MacBook that integrates the best relation between quality and price since it is economical. This has a charging port with 4K HDMI and power supply, as well as high transmission speed. The USB 3.0 Hub provides an HDMI port to connect an external monitor, a USB 3.0 port to transfer data and greater connectivity and a Type C port to connect the charger whenever you want.

As for its design, it is compact aluminium that perfectly resists corrosion and manages to protect the built-in chip. All in all, it is portable and convenient, thanks to its size of 62x64x13.6mm.

19. External Battery Mophie Power Station AC

External Battery Mophie Power Station AC

It is an external battery or Powerbank that charges your Mac laptop through an AC adapter. It has a capacity of 22,000 mAh and therefore, it can charge up to two devices at the same time, adding to your laptop. Also, it is a practical solution thanks to its three connectors, that is, a USB-C port with fast charging, another USB-A with conventional charging and it also has an AC connector that allows you to plug in traditional wall chargers.

The mophie powerstation AC is a gadget capable of adding up to 15 more hours of battery life to your laptop, which is why experts recommend it with eyes closed. As for its design, it is a device with a very elegant fabric cover that manages to protect itself from shocks or other damage.

20. WD My Passport For Mac

WD My Passport For Mac

It is a very thin portable hard drive, created and designed by one of the most famous companies in terms of storage, worldwide. It is a fairly commercialized model, and it shows characteristics very similar to “My Passport Ultra “, saving its advantage of being preformatted in the file system used by Mac, so you can use it directly on your iMac or MacBook without first doing it formatting.

For its part, the WD My Passport for Mac is compatible with Time Machine, has a capacity of 1 terabytehigh protection from passwords with hardware encryption, and adds a USB 3.0 port. Finally, its dimensions are 8.2x 11 x 1.6 cm .

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