Kerala Travels: A Spectacular Beauty

India is a country with many faces, but the most tropical and exuberant of all lies to the south, especially in the state of Kerala. This place where ecological communities fluctuate, thousands of birds, river cruises, or colonial towns forms a range of possibilities to recalibrate the senses. We show you what to see in Kerala travels.

 Kathakali mask hanging with a wooden frame Kerala travels
Kathakali Mask Hanging With A Wooden Frame

What to see in Kerala Travels: Tropical Venice

Legend has it that Parashurama, the sixth avatar of the god Vishnu, was looking for a sacred place where the Brahmins could find peace and purity after defeating the warrior class. Motivated, he grabbed an axe and with it set off the Arabian Sea, drawing from the depths a magical and fertile land with coconut eyes and a foundation of water. Mythological, this is how we could define the orography of Kerala, the most visited state in South India and the perfect destination for all those travellers looking for a different, tropical India. As relaxed as the walk of its people or the old rice ships that furrow all its secrets.

Portuguese discovered in the 16th century, in Kerala tradition and modernity come together, the oriental and the western, the real and the supernatural. A land spiced with spices where the colonial enclaves with reddish roofs share terrain with macerated forests of coloured birds and channels that make up the great attraction of the state: the backwaters, a river system fed by more than 9,000 rivers that, on certain occasions, makes love with the sea.

A water canvas where you can find other senses and where you can delight yourself with its people of organic customs, Ayurveda treatments or, exist while palm trees comb the winds of the ocean.

Here’s what to see in Time In Kerala:

1. Fort Kochi

Chinese nets fishing for sunsets at Fort Kochi
Chinese nets fishing for sunsets at Fort Kochi.

The main threshold of Kerala, mainly due to the presence of the largest airport in the state, is Fort Kochi, a peninsula that springs from the coastal city of Ernakulam and the first place in India that the Portuguese arrived in 1503 without guessing that they would chew on this place the birth of spices and, with it, its expansion to the rest of the world. Fort Kochi is the ideal place to enter Kerala through its aromas, ancient circuits, or the sunsets that caress the Chinese networks every afternoon, the stamp more famous.

2. Alleppey (Home and the backwaters)

Kerala houseboat ready to ride the backwaters
Kerala houseboat ready to ride the backwaters.

Once we have visited Fort Kochi, the ideal will be to enter the great attraction of Kerala: its backwaters! More than 900 kilometers of canals that run between different jungles and villages that have learned to coexist with this almost surreal world. A magical setting that finds in Alleppey, on Lake Vembanad, the best starting point to take a houseboat, old rice boats (or kettuvalams) turned today into the best support to spy on the mysteries of paradise. Although there are different tourist routes on public boats, the truth is that backwaters hide numerous hidden gems ideal to know through an accompanying guide. Spaces like Munroe Island, a river pearl where local women make rope on porches of colorful houses while birds weave their worlds among palm trees, is the best example of what to see in Kerala.

Both Fort Kochi and Alleppey are ideal places to attend a show of Kathakali, the most typical dance in Kerala, and whose actors interpret a story wrapped in lavish costumes and Btypical makeup without hardly talking.

3. Munnar

Munnar hill station
Munnar hill station

At more than 1,500 meters of altitude, the land of Munnar inspires the silence to which its enormous tea plantations invite, the main hallmark of this ideal place for the practice of ecological tourism. Especially in the Mattupety area, you can delight in visits to the main plantations, look out on gardens full of tropical flowers or even discover the honey panels that hang from the trees of the Jungle Honey Bee Nest. 

4. Varkala and Kovalam Beach

The famous lighthouse on Kovalam Beach
The famous lighthouse on Kovalam Beach

With more than 7,516 kilometers of coastline, India is also a country in which to enjoy beautiful beaches. The best example, Kerala a place with spectacular beauty found in the undervalued capital of Kerala, Trivandrum, where Varkala (north) and Kovalam Beach (south) is located. In the case of Varkala, it extends from a huge cliff while Kovalam is a beach surrounded by palm trees and dominated by its famous bicolor lighthouse. When it comes to luxury hotels, Kovalam is much more recommendable, while also transmitting a more local atmosphere, especially marked by fishermen who often spread their nets on the shore.

5. Vizhinjam

Colorful boat in Vizhinjam
Colorful boat in Vizhinjam

Not far from the Kovalam above the beach, one of the right places in Kerala is born, still unknown to the great masses. Next to the Arabian Sea crossed by hundreds of colorful boats and the panoramic view of two mosques (one of them painted in a Martian green), Vizhinjam is a perfect extension of a few hours in which to experience that authentic southern India of fishing men and legends sailors.

6. Periyar National Park

Periyar, the great paradise of Kerala to spot the Bengal tiger.
Periyar, the great paradise of Kerala to spot the Bengal tiger.

Located in the mountains of Kerala, also known as Thekkady is located 4 kilometers from the charming spice town of Kumily, being one of the main lungs of southern India in which to spot the famous Bengal tiger. 

Up to 35 species of mammals, among which the presence of 24 Bengal tigers distributed throughout the park, stands out.

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