How To Install Android On iPhone?

Google’s Android operating system can be found on almost all smartphones from all major manufacturers and has been the quasi-standard for many years. Except on the iPhone Now we can Install Android On iPhone. A project that has been in development for many years has set itself the goal of remedying this problem and bringing Android to Apple smartphones. Now the Project Sandcastle has made significant progress and can be used as a beta on an iPhone 7.

Apple and Google have divided the smartphone operating system market among themselves and jointly have a market share of 100 percent. The ratio has shifted in favor of Android for many years. Meanwhile, a few percentage points have leveled off at around 85/15 plus-minus. Both sides can live very well with this, but Android now wants to spread a hobby project even further.

Install Android On iPhone Without Jailbreak

IOS is used on the Apple iPhone and Android on all other smartphones. This is a principle that has not been shaken for years, and even Huawei maintains – because Android is known to be a free operating system that can also be used without Google. This duopoly has divided users into two camps for many years, with both sides having good arguments. Many users want iPhone hardware, but they just don’t get warm with iOS. One day this could be “helped.”

The hobby project Sandcastle has set itself the goal of bringing Android to the iPhone. They have been working on this for over ten years (!) And have always had small successes. Now the first beta has been published, which can be downloaded and tried out at your own risk. Of course, a jailbreak must take place beforehand, it only works for an iPhone 7, and you should mentally say goodbye to the usable iPhone.

The GPU cannot be addressed, there is no audio output, the data connection cannot be used, Bluetooth does not work, and the camera is also not accessible via Android on the iPhone. Another problem is that battery power and performance are underground, and the operating system is anything but stable. Also, memory access only offers read-only.

So the project still has a very, very long way to go, and I just predict that it will never work in a quality that is acceptable to the end-user. Still an interesting project that you can keep an eye on.

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