Facebook Messenger App For Desktop

The Facebook Messenger App For Desktop on both Windows and Mac.

The desktop apps for Facebook Messenger are now also available in the marketplaces of Microsoft for Windows 10 and Apple for macOS. In the corona crisis, the use of tools for exchanging messages and for communication via voice and video has increased enormously. With Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 and here also for macOS in the Mac App Store, the number of ways to communicate with friends, acquaintances, and colleagues directly on the computer is increasing.

Facebook Messenger App For Desktop

Similar to the app version and the browser version of Facebook Messenger, the desktop version also supports the “dark mode” and also offers all other functions known from Facebook Messenger. Facebook only adapted the interface a little. You will find the settings after clicking on your profile picture. There you can also adjust the look of Facebook Messenger under “View.” You can find various backgrounds under “Design” and can also change the skin colour used in emojis.

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