Things You Might Not Know About Chrome OS

Although it took years for the idea of ​​Chrome Devices OS and Chromebooks to come to fruition, it finally has. At the end of the day, if you can already do almost anything from the browser and if you are also a user of Google services, why not opt ​​for a computer optimised for it, which is generally even cheaper than an ordinary laptop? This is the main reason that Chromebooks are becoming more popular.

However, no matter how optimized the system is for the task for which it was designed, Chrome and Chrome OS are not the same, even if they work as such: the browser is the same one used in Windows, Mac or Linux, only which is deeply integrated with the system. So integrated is it, that the updates that each Chromebook receives throughout its support cycle are one: everything is updated at the same time, until now.

According to 9to5Google, the update process for Chromebooks could change soon, and that is that Google is working to separate browser updates from those of the rest of the system. They are doing it with what is known as the LaCrOS project by its code name. The basics are explained by one of the Chrome OS engineers:

«One of the motivations for LaCrOS is that it makes Chrome from Chrome OS more like Chrome than other systems, where we send a binary for that built operating system as we (the browser team) want, regardless of the toolchain operating system. “

Browser And System Updates In Chrome Devices OS

No further details are given as to the practical purpose of this change. Still, at 9to5Google they have a hunch that it could be because of the browser receives its updates independently, it could continue doing so once the system support had ended, lengthening to some extent the life of the device.

In recent months there has been a movement in this direction by Google: first, determining what the support time for each Chromebook, which has not always been clear, is, second, expanding Chromebook support to 8 years. But neither is it a fact that this is the reason for the change that is being proposed now.

There is no doubt that if, on any desktop system, the browser is one of the most sensitive parts, and that is why it is essential always to have it updated, but from there to update only the browser and leave the rest of the system unpatched there is away. What is a fact is that they are working on it.

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